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7 of the Best Natural Remedies for Depression You Can Use, Even if You Are Pregnant

Oh mama, depression and pregnancy is such a challenge. Should you stay on the medicine when you know it has risks? Should you get off the medicine when that has risks too? I hope as you read this you will hold yourself in absolute compassion. You didn’t ask for for depression. Yet you are the warrior who will overcome it.

Here are some of the best natural remedies for depression that are safe even in pregnancy.

1. Magnesium.

Acutally I like to say it like Magnesiummmmmmmmmmmm! Because magnesium is an essential mineral we need to be healthy and function yet 80 percent f people are deficient in it. 80 percent!!! One of the side effects of being deficient in magnesium just happens to be depression and anxiety.

Our friends over at the bullet proof blog explain it this way:

Turns out, the availability and balance of magnesium determines how much energy your mitochondria make.[10] The available energy in your brain determines how clearly you think, how intensely you can focus, how calm or anxious you feel, how happy you feel, and how you respond to stress. Having adequate amounts of magnesium will help regulate all of these issues.

One really easy way to solve a lack of magnesium is to take epsom salt baths. You sit and relax and read a good book while your body absorbs all the wonderful minerals, including magnesium. Bonus points for adding essential oils.

2. Focus on eating a plant-based diet.

Removing all the simple carbs and sugars will do you a ton of good. Replace them with life giving plants and you have a recipe for feeling much better. Remember, things that once affected you a small amount will affect you much more during pregnancy. Diet changes are the number one way you can change everything  about your pregnancy.

3. Take a walk in the sunlight.

Lack of vitamin D has been found in many chronic illnesses, including depression. Unfortulately, the synthetic version found in a supplement is not the same thing youget when you spend time outdoors. Do what you can to spend time in the sunshine every day. Start a small garden, go for a daily walk enjoy a picnic. Studies show simply being outside can be an effective treatment for depression for some people.

4. Begin a simple practice of daily exercise.

Sometimes starting a daily exercise routine feels overwhelming. What clothes do you need? how will you make time? These little challenges can feel extra overwhelming when you are dealing with depression.Try this instead. Instead of making it into a big thing, just aim to do short 5 minute bursts a couple times during the day.

5. Have your thyroid and progesterone levels checked.

If you have in imbalance with either of these, you may experience signs of depression. The good news is that both of these are pretty simple to balance once you know they are off.

6. Begin to meditate!

Pregnant mothers that are trained in meditation have so many benefits. Reduced incidence of depression, shorter labors, more satisfaction with labor, less pain during birth and healthier babies! The science is very clear (see this study a this study, and this study) bout the benefits of meditating while you are pregnant.

(PS did you know I lead a weekly meditation just for pregnant moms? Try a free week of prenatal meditation and yoga just for moms having babies and use code ALL_THE_FEELS for 50 percent off your membership for an entire year!)

7. Be that weird crunchy mom that uses aromatherapy.

Though more research is definitely needed in aromatherapy, many studies have shown huge benefits of using aromatherapy to help with mood disorders. This one found that aromatherapy and massage was MORE effective than most anti anxiety and anti depression medications. If you are looking to ease off of you prescription, definitely consider trying aromatherapy.

Remember you are not alone.

You are not alone on your journey dealing with depression before, during or after pregnancy. It really is quite common, unfortunately. Maybe that is a signal of how off our entire culture is that we set women up for such a painful journey.

Please know that you are not going insane.This is not your fault. You did not ask for it.

Accept that your brain is telling you that something isn’t quite right. Seek out the counseling, dieticians, energy workers and any other help you feel you might need. There are many people who can help you work through this experience.

If you are living with depression and looking for help with how to cope with it, we recommend reading this article about how to live in survival mode.

Living in survival mode at some point becomes a rite of passage for mothers. It will not last forever. As you grow, your experience will change.

Here is a last little treat for you as you are looking to delve into self care that can help with depression.

3 uplifting Epsom salt baths to help you find your balance and stay centered. 

If you are feeling flighty, sad, disconnected:

Try ⅓ cup Epsom salt

5 drops Doterra Balance

If you are overwhelmed and want to trade that for a spot of luxury and rest:

⅓ cup Epsom salt

3 drops vetiver

2 drips bergamot (or other citrus oil)

1 drop geranium

If you want to feel bright and cheery and a little immune system boost:

⅓ cup epsom salt

3 drops citus bliss

3 drops lavender

Overall I hope you will be kind and gentle with yourself.

Depression is not easy and there is not one answer that is right for everyone. I trust that as you read these tips, you will try the ideas that speak to you personally the most.  If you remain on your antidepressants, have compassion for yourself and hold yourself in immense grace. It may not be ideal, but the best you have to give is enough. Every day you will grow and change and more resources will come your way. Day by day you will grow. Allow yourself to recognize that the journey matters, not just where you are in the moment. This too will pass.

Natural Depression Remedies which are safe for pregnant moms



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