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Prenatal Yoga Near Me: 3 hacks to finding the best prenatal yoga to fit your schedule and budget

prenatal yoga near me: the secret to finding the best prenatal yoga that works with your schedule and budget

Prenatal yoga boasts powerful benefits, among which are shorter labor, less pain in labor, decreased back pain, fewer cases of pregnancy-induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, as well as a decrease in perceived stress levels, depression and anxiety.

If you are looking for a practice that benefits the mind, body and soul, while at the same time preparing your for birth, prenatal yoga is the workout for you.

But if you’ve been searching for “prenatal yoga classes  near me” to find classes that work with your schedule and budget, you may be finding that an ah-mazing class is harder to find than you’d expect.

I live in Washington State, which, according to doyouyoga is one of the 8 most yoga obsessed states in the country, surpassed only by Alaska, New York and, surprisingly Vermont (yes, I’ll take a side of Ben and Jerry’s with my yoga please.)

I can get to over 10 yoga studios in under 10 minutes. Yet, to find a prenatal yoga studio, I spent hours online looking for a studio that was:

1. A reasonable distance
2. A reasonable price
3. Had classes that fit my schedule.

I found none that met all these requirements. None!

Yet, if you read about my prenatal yoga journey, you know that I had to do yoga. For my mental health, it was a non-option to skip out. So my persistence led to finding a few creative ways to get that prenatal yoga class in.

So here’s the secret so you can stop googling “prenatal yoga near me” and start zening out in a good flow. 

1. Ask for referrals in a local facebook group. Often yoga studios are not run by people who are focusing their time and attention on ranking their website on google. Word of mouth is often the BEST referral source. By asking on facebook groups, you crowd source your knowledge and get access to the obscure and wonderful classes that don’t need to SEO to be successful.

2. Consider hiring a private instructor to come to you. This is pricier, but then you don’t have to bend your schedule and you don’t get yoga classes any closer than in your own home. Invite a friend or 2 and enjoy a weekly custom class. Other benefits of custom classes are having an instructor that can help you become comfortable with your changing body and help you adjust as needed, as your needs will change weekly, and sometimes even daily, while you are pregnant.

And for my favorite option:

3. Prenatal yoga online. If you love the idea of having custom classes but can’t imagine paying for a private instructor, I have the perfect solution for you. MRTNL online prenatal yoga and meditation classes. Finding MTRNL prenatal yoga classes online was a life saver for me.

With my 3 to 5 time a week yoga habit, $17 a class at the studio was simply unreasonable. As was a 30 minute drive to a studio with a monthly membership. I solved both of those problems when I found MTRNL. These prenatal yoga classes happen live through zoom, so the teacher can see you and answer questions about modifications (such as what to do about that wrist that always bug you) , and help you make sure your doing a pose right. There is also a huge library of past classes that you can access anytime anywhere. Prenatal yoga doesn’t get any nearer to you than in your own bedroom.

I absolutely loved practicing yoga with my twinkly lights, soft music and privacy as I was preparing for birth. Since I was planning a homebirth, I had the extra benefit of having my yoga location be my birth location. All of the physical and emotional work I did in my yoga classes to create that powerful, capable mother within me, able to both move with confidence and rest in sweet surrender really paid off. My birth with Hazel was the best experience of my life and it wouldn’t have been the same without my yoga preparation.

If you are ready to try a free week of prenatal yoga, sign up here.

There is a reason more and more women are signing up for prenatal yoga classes and incorporating yoga into their birth prep. It changes your life. I hope these tips help you find a class that works for you!

Prenatal Yoga Classes Near Me: How to find Prenatal yoga classes near me that fit your schedule and don't break the bank.


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